Double Threat

She's more than just a pretty face...

Once again, I was able to link up with Bryn for another crazy collaboration.  This time, she was kind enough to provide some words to accompany this set.


I think it was when you first introduced yourself.

Or maybe the first time you smiled at me.

Or the time you pronounced my name wrong and then apologized and told me you would never forget my name.

Or maybe it was the first time you held my hand and intertwined your fingers in with mine gripping firmly...

Or maybe it was the day you pulled me close and I felt your breathe shake as you brought your lips to mine and for a minute I couldn't tell where you started and where I ended. 

Or maybe it was the day you introduced me to your friends and they all said, "we've heard so much about you".

Or maybe it was the when we took that road trip together, stopping to enjoy little secrets of life and embracing all the wonderful people we met along the way.

Or maybe it was how you always stole my t-shirts to sleep in and how I would wear them for days after because they smelled like you.

Or maybe it was how I would wake up to find you watching me sleeping, and a small smile would form on your face as you told me how peacefully happy I looked.

Or maybe it was the time you got mad at me, really got mad at me, and you screamed angry lies at me because you didn't know how the right words to say to me.

Or maybe it was when you made me question who I was as a person and who I was a lover and who I was as a friend and a son and a daughter and a sister and a brother.

Or maybe it was when I was pleading with you to connect with me but you decided that silence was a form of hurt you wished to enforce upon me...

Or maybe it was when we started sleeping in separate beds.

Or when you started messaging other girls or calling other guys at hours we both knew were full of trouble.

Or maybe it was when you said sorry for the first time, or the tenth time, or what felt like the fiftieth time. Or the last time.

Or maybe, maybe, it was when I/you finally got the courage to walk away because we both knew/didn't know that this was breaking each of us apart...

Or maybe it was six months later, when you saw me with that guy at a concert or when I saw you with that girl at our favorite restaurant.

Or maybe it was a year later when we just happened to run into one another unexpectedly, and we were able to smile, and genuinely say, I'm happy to hear you are doing so well.

I'm really not sure the exact moment or time or day when I realized I loved you/no longer loved you, but I hope you know, it's a feeling I hope I feel again for you/never feel again for you. 


Till next time...

Model : Bryn Carter  //  Hair : @officialhairbycoco (IG)   //  Makeup : Mel Akana McIntosh

Back for the First Time

Brittany is a breath of fresh air...

That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Brittany Lesser.  From the outside looking in, you might just think of her as just another personality in the fitness industry.  In a field that has developed the reputation of being shallow, fake and callous, she stands out as one of the good gals : transparent, kind and not up her own ass.  Many of our conversations have circled around how fake the industry can be and how hard it is to stay above the madness.

So when she announced her move to LA last year, it's safe to say I was a little surprised.  Nothing says "real, down to earth" quite like Hollywood, right? But for what she aspires to accomplish as an actress, model and personality, it just makes sense.

Brittany made the trek back to Colorado recently, so we decided to make some photos together. One of my favorite photographers - Rob Timko - put me on to this old tennis court with a ton of character out in Boulder.  Once there, it was clear that LA hadn't sucked the life out of her, because she was the same gregarious and geniune person I had grown to respect.  

And as you can see, she really killed our set.

Not bad for a girl who lets her dog kiss her on the mouth.

Till next time...

In Living Color

Meet Albreanna...

First of all, this is isn't the first time I've had Albreanna in front of my camera.  A dancer by trade, she performed on stage with the likes of Adventure Club and Zed's Dead during Decadence last year, which I had the opportunity to shoot.   So to finally get her one-on-one was a long time coming.  

Before we could make photos, we needed to hit up some thrift stores to lock down wardrobe. We were going for a hood rich, colorful, blaxploitation-type feel with a vibrant palette and gold chains.  Between two different Buffalo Exchanges, we were able to get a few pieces that jived with our vision; the last of which had both customer and employee alike gushing in the dressing area.

Albreanna, herself, is vibrant.  With all that hair, she hard to miss.  But it's her attitude that really draws people in.  While her smile is infectious, it's the hints of attitude and bluntness that makes her unique.  She'll tell you to fuck off all while wearing a grin and you'll end up thanking her for it.

About a week goes by before we get the chance to shoot.  When I was out location scouting the day before the shoot, I happened upon this multi-colored, brick building off Brighton Blvd that I knew would work perfect with the origami I wanted to put in her hair.  

Oh, that's right, the origami.

First off, Albreanna was very down with my concept from the jump, even volunteering to fold the cranes herself.  Which is perfect considering I can barely fold laundry, let alone paper animals.   Unfortunately, it was wild windy that day.  So, we were only able to get in a couple shots with them in her hair.

Luckily, it didn't matter.  Being a dancer, Albreanna is confident, knows her angles and has crazy spacial awareness.  She'll be quick to tell you that she's not a model, but don't let her fool you - she did all the work here.

Till next time......

Change of Perspective

Welcome back.

Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to invest in some new glass for my toolkit - the 70-200 mm 2.8L.  For my non-photographer friends, just picture the lens you see the paparazzi on TMZ use - it's big, white and heavy as fuck.  I've coined it John Goodman.

Recently, I've been taking John Goodman around Denver to make some street captures.  The dope thing about changing lenses is it forces you to adapt to a new perspective and evolve accordingly.  Normally, I shoot with a wide angle lens, which allows me to "cheat" - basically I cram as much stuff into the frame as possible and call it "art".

With these lens, it basically forces me to be more disciplined, patient and focused.  If you know ANYTHING about your boy, you wouldn't exactly use those three words to describe me.  

In celebration of our next Theyshootn exhibit - Winter in America 2 - I decided to edit the majority of this set in black and white.  (You can find more information on the show here).  Hope to see y'all there.

Till next time...



Poolside with Bryn

Bryn Carter is a rare bird.  

In addition to her piercing ocean blue eyes, colorful tats and model-perfect face, she's damn near 6 feet tall in Timbs.  Outside of her obvious talents, she's an incredibly gifted writer & real estate agent by trade who has an impeccable taste in music.  And to top it off, she's always down for a mission.

So when I approached her about a shoot that would require jumping a fence and possibly being somewhere illegally, her only reply was "I have the perfect 'fit for this".


Model : Bryn Carter (@blueeyedbird12) // MUA :  Chrystall V (@chrystallvee) // Photographer : Blake Jackson (@jake_blackson)