Back for the First Time

Brittany is a breath of fresh air...

That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Brittany Lesser.  From the outside looking in, you might just think of her as just another personality in the fitness industry.  In a field that has developed the reputation of being shallow, fake and callous, she stands out as one of the good gals : transparent, kind and not up her own ass.  Many of our conversations have circled around how fake the industry can be and how hard it is to stay above the madness.

So when she announced her move to LA last year, it's safe to say I was a little surprised.  Nothing says "real, down to earth" quite like Hollywood, right? But for what she aspires to accomplish as an actress, model and personality, it just makes sense.

Brittany made the trek back to Colorado recently, so we decided to make some photos together. One of my favorite photographers - Rob Timko - put me on to this old tennis court with a ton of character out in Boulder.  Once there, it was clear that LA hadn't sucked the life out of her, because she was the same gregarious and geniune person I had grown to respect.  

And as you can see, she really killed our set.

Not bad for a girl who lets her dog kiss her on the mouth.

Till next time...