In Living Color

Meet Albreanna...

First of all, this is isn't the first time I've had Albreanna in front of my camera.  A dancer by trade, she performed on stage with the likes of Adventure Club and Zed's Dead during Decadence last year, which I had the opportunity to shoot.   So to finally get her one-on-one was a long time coming.  

Before we could make photos, we needed to hit up some thrift stores to lock down wardrobe. We were going for a hood rich, colorful, blaxploitation-type feel with a vibrant palette and gold chains.  Between two different Buffalo Exchanges, we were able to get a few pieces that jived with our vision; the last of which had both customer and employee alike gushing in the dressing area.

Albreanna, herself, is vibrant.  With all that hair, she hard to miss.  But it's her attitude that really draws people in.  While her smile is infectious, it's the hints of attitude and bluntness that makes her unique.  She'll tell you to fuck off all while wearing a grin and you'll end up thanking her for it.

About a week goes by before we get the chance to shoot.  When I was out location scouting the day before the shoot, I happened upon this multi-colored, brick building off Brighton Blvd that I knew would work perfect with the origami I wanted to put in her hair.  

Oh, that's right, the origami.

First off, Albreanna was very down with my concept from the jump, even volunteering to fold the cranes herself.  Which is perfect considering I can barely fold laundry, let alone paper animals.   Unfortunately, it was wild windy that day.  So, we were only able to get in a couple shots with them in her hair.

Luckily, it didn't matter.  Being a dancer, Albreanna is confident, knows her angles and has crazy spacial awareness.  She'll be quick to tell you that she's not a model, but don't let her fool you - she did all the work here.

Till next time......