Black and White

Change of Perspective

Welcome back.

Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to invest in some new glass for my toolkit - the 70-200 mm 2.8L.  For my non-photographer friends, just picture the lens you see the paparazzi on TMZ use - it's big, white and heavy as fuck.  I've coined it John Goodman.

Recently, I've been taking John Goodman around Denver to make some street captures.  The dope thing about changing lenses is it forces you to adapt to a new perspective and evolve accordingly.  Normally, I shoot with a wide angle lens, which allows me to "cheat" - basically I cram as much stuff into the frame as possible and call it "art".

With these lens, it basically forces me to be more disciplined, patient and focused.  If you know ANYTHING about your boy, you wouldn't exactly use those three words to describe me.  

In celebration of our next Theyshootn exhibit - Winter in America 2 - I decided to edit the majority of this set in black and white.  (You can find more information on the show here).  Hope to see y'all there.

Till next time...