Personal Branding

Let's make some content

Bloggers, influencers, personalities, lend me your ears.

As someone who needs to constantly stay in front of their audience, you know that content is king.  And not just content; quality content.  

That's where I come in...

Starting in February, I will be taking on new clients where I will be producing content for on a monthly basis.  This can be applicable any industry: fitness, fashion, art, food, lifestyle and everything in between.

We will produce images that are tailor made to you; one size does NOT fit all.

In addition, we will discuss social media strategy and roll out that is specific to your needs, including having access to my 12.3k followers when applicable.

All this starting at only $375/month.

I will only be accepting 5 new clients, so fill out the form below for more information and I will be sure to follow up with you ASAP.

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